Classic with a Touch of Rustic

DESIGNER AMANDA HEYS, PARTNER OF THE BOZEMAN, MONTANA-BASED FIRM LOCATI INTERIORS, HAS A SURPRISING METHOD FOR GAUGING THE DIRECTION OF HER CLIENTS’ DESIGN SENSIBILITIES. “I usually begin with the plumbing,” she says. “Seeing whether the homeowners gravitate to a traditional kitchen faucet or something more edgy and contemporary gives me important information about where their tastes lie.”

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Written by: Eliza Cross   Photography by: Roger Wade Photography

…a taste of what we’ve been up to in California…

Lintner_Kitchen  Lintner_Outdoor-Living

Architect: Locati Architects   ~  Interior Design: Locati Interiors   ~   Photography: (c) Vance Fox


Old River Farm…always a favorite

Soaring Spaces and Rustic-Modern Style…

This beautiful Locati Architects & Interiors-designed home is featured in Mountain Living’s November-December issue,   “Grand Gestures” story by Eliza Cross, photography by Roger Wade Studio


2014 Locati Architects Scholarship Winners

Congratulations Kelly Olinger and Jessica Proctor, selected recipients of the 2014 Locati Architects Scholarships.  Kelly and Jessica are students at Montana State University, School of Architecture.

Locati Architects is honored to support students of excellence in their architectural endeavors. Locati-2014-Scholarships

Contemporary Locati Twist

By: Tiffany Jerry, At Home Editor,  Bozeman Daily Chronicle

At Home - Jim Schonewise House

…“The way that they (Locati Architects) say it is, they put the house in the landscape rather than on the landscape,” Jim said. “They did a great job with that. I said, ‘They keep saying they’re going to put the house in the landscape rather than on the landscape, I think we should take it one step further,’ so we did.”

When it came to design, Architect Kevin Bute said the Schonewise’s home was a “welcome change for me as a designer.” The couple had several “must haves” on their list – maximized view sheds, a covered deck to watch the thunderstorms sweep across the landscape, a functional floor plan and flexible office space – and he helped them to achieve each one.

According to Bute, the home is “far from anything Locati Architects had completed in the past.”

“Because of Locati Architects’ exceptional skill in designing homes that speak of place and timelessness through natural elements, it is sometimes difficult to break out of that ideal,” Bute said. “This project was a chance to do just that and showcase another architectural vernacular.”


Brick in the Kitchen? Definitely Yes.

The interior of a home in Bozeman, Montana. Shot for Locati Architects

Architect Greg Dennee of Locati Architects opted for a brick veneer in his own Montana kitchen. “It can be applied similarly to a tile, not requiring any additional structural support,” he says. “Mine was grouted by an accomplished mason, giving it an authentic feel.”

Choosing not to seal his veneer, Dennee remarks, “Honestly, it is really simple to clean, and we have never had an issue with it, even at the back of the cooktop. That said, we have sealed some bricks and stones with transparent, no-sheen masonry sealers for our clients with good success.”

WFYachtClub0610_0188Dennee has discovered some installation tricks for making veneer look like real brick. “In terms of pulling off this look, I think the biggest thing is to use the brick from inside corner to inside corner and from the countertop all the way to the bottom of the cabinet or ceiling,” he says. “To truly suggest a convincing brick wall upon which the cabinets were hung, you need to eliminate revealing that the material is a veneer — ending the brick on an inside corner, and never and outside corner, is part of this.”

See more Use of Brick in Kitchen Design featured in this article:


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